A Special Donation for Self-Sufficiency

This past May, HRDC began working with Anna and her children. At that time, the family was staying at Family Promise because Anna had recently fled from an abusive and controlling spouse. Getting back on her feet and keeping her children safe was Anna’s main focus. HRDC’s Housing First staff worked with Anna to help her find an affordable rental. She quickly obtained good full-time employment and was accessing other support she needed to take care of her family on her own. Things were moving forward and Anna was hopeful.

Unfortunately, Anna’s past would too soon be back to threaten her ability to be self-sufficient. In late June, her car was repossessed because she had fallen behind on payments due to her situation. Her ex-fiancé had learned of her location and used his connections with the loan institution to arrange the repossession. Anna now had housing but no way to get to work.

HRDC had recently accepted a very generous vehicle donation from a local family – a Ford Taurus with low miles and in excellent condition. The donation was in honor of a gentleman’s sister who was suffering from a debilitating illness and could no longer drive. The car was a beloved possession and relinquishing it wasn’t easy for her. His hope was that this donation would turn a sad situation into a positive experience.

It is clear that a car would enable Anna to maintain her employment and also her housing, creating stability for family. She proved she was able to fund the cost of registration and insurance. The generous donation of this beloved car was the final piece to Anna’s transition back to self sufficiency!