Amos House Challenge

We have met the challenge!

The support we have received from The Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation has enabled us to implement Amos House supportive housing services. By pairing case management services with immediate-term group housing, we are able to greatly increase the likelihood of increased self-sufficiency in the men and women who reside at Amos House. Our case management services for tenants focus on life skills coaching, budgeting and financial literacy training, facilitating our tenant’s community service work, and leadership and support in navigating the comity resources available for these tenants looking to achieve sustainable housing. In the past year we have been able to serve more than 30 men and women who were experiencing homelessness, assisting them in their work to achieve silt-sufficiency and stability.

The Washington Foundation challenge created a great opportunity to share our vision and the details of Amos House with the community. Because of their commitment, we found and inspired donors who share the passion for our work helping homeless people turn their lives around. Amos House continues to fill a critical gap in our community.

We appreciate all of the support from The Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation!