Bozeman Chronicle Editorial: Cafe fighting hunger one free meal at a time



Editorial: Cafe fighting hunger one free meal at a time

Posted: Sunday, April 29, 2012 12:00 am

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Prospects for the underfed got a whole lot better last week when the Community Café officially opened its doors.

This new venture on North Seventh in Bozeman invites anyone and everyone to have a meal free of charge. It’s the result of a joint effort of the Gallatin Valley Food Bank and the Human Resource Development Council with a lot of help from church and community organization volunteers who staff the new eatery and feed their patrons with food donated by local grocery stores and restaurants.

The project was born of a need to fill the gap left by the closure of His Soup mobile kitchen that provided food for the homeless. But there are far more than just the homeless who need help with food. The Food Bank says that it serves some 3,500 people monthly with emergency food aid. And that aid isn’t enough for single-parent households. The strain of maintaining a job and seeing to other household needs often means that preparing food is an extreme hardship.

That’s where the Community Café comes in. This new option will hopefully provide a permanent solution for those who struggle to get enough food.

The café has been quietly serving 40 to 70 people a day since last month, serving just one daily entrée option. Now that it has officially opened, those numbers are likely to increase sharply. And the café staff says they hope to provide more daily options in the future.

For far too long, Bozeman has turned its back on the less fortunate. Not that long ago, the solution to the problem of those in need was to put them on a bus to Butte. But things have taken a turn for the better with the opening of a temporary shelter during the last two winters – a shelter that has been used by scores of people.

The opening of the Community Café represents another positive development – a dependable place for those in need to find some food.

All those involved are to be commended for this effort, and best wishes for long-term success go their way.


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