HRDC is proud to be rolling out a new Bridges to Career Opportunities (BCO) program. 

Expand your skills and receive training needed to compete for jobs with increased stability and income. Our first pilot, which kicks off on July 15, focuses on the manufacturing industry and we have plans to expand into healthcare and possibly construction, transportation, and IT. The program supports individuals with career coaching, employment skills, contextualized education and technical training and financial coaching, as well as job placement and support. 

Phase one: 8 week block of two sessions per week (Monday and Wednesday from 9-11.30am). Participants will have the opportunity to tour various manufacturing sites, build up their soft skills, and learn what the basic workplace practices are within the manufacturing industry. 

This phase will be delivered by Daniel Short, an easy going Wyoming native who has worked in adult education across 4 continents. He’s recently returned to Montana from Australia and is excited to be back in the mountains.

Phase two: Technical training which is planned to begin late August early September.  They also receive ongoing career coaching and support to match their interests and skills to a industry with high growth in the community and support them finding and retaining employment long term.

This phase will be delivered by (the) Marc Graham, a funny, laid-back financial coach who has recently returned to the Gallatin Valley from Virginia, and brings with him a wealth of experience working with people with all sorts of stories and situations.

Phase three: Participants will receive ongoing financial coaching so they can start to plan the future they want and have their increased earnings translate to goals such as home ownership, debt reduction, holiday savings, retirement planning or college tuition.

This phase will be delivered by Laci Mottice, a vibrant young Bozeman local who is passionate about building capacity in people and building community awareness around opportunities.

For more information or to participate, contact Laci at (406) 585-4880 or email