Greatest Needs

We believe in adapting to the community’s needs

We appreciate your trust in us and encourage you make your gift to support HRDC’s “Greatest Needs” so that we can address our customers’ and our community’s greatest needs.

Why do we focus your attention on “Greatest Needs”? Because we want to continue to do the right things to keep this community strong. Your support of “Greatest Needs” helps us build a pool of funds to support strategic initiatives which are important to the local community. Thank you for helping ensure we are responsive in both the short and the long term.

A really good example of an area of greatest needs is gifting discretionary dollars. Over the past four decades, these dollars have enabled HRDC to serve Gallatin, Park, and Meagher Counties and address the highest priorities in our local communities on a large scale. They have helped us build low income housing, open a new community café, establish a public transit program – big, enriching, COMMUNITY CHANGING EVENTS!

Your gift to Greatest Needs helps us change the community for the better.