HRDC and David

Here’s a story of how HRDC has been able to change a man’s life for the better. 

“Here comes trouble,” a familiar voice calls out.  David walks into the HRDC office with a smile on his face. Leanne is at the front desk and is always happy to see David.  They catch up on weather, football scores, and joke a bit.  David needs a little help getting through some paperwork and Leanne is ready to assist.

David’s formal schooling stopped before middle school and left him on his own at a very young age.  David was able to find ranch and construction jobs to make a living.  He traveled to where the work was and spent time in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.  He ended up in Bozeman when an intestinal illness struck him in his early 40s.  Eight painful surgeries and no cure for his illness left David unable to earn a living.

Frustrated, scared, and alone, David came to the HRDC for help. Housing was his first need;  second was assistance with the paperwork to file for Social Security Disability.  HRDC was able to help David with both.  Over time his needs changed – Galavan now drives him to and from doctors appointments when his truck is broken down, the Food Bank delivers senior groceries to his apartment once a month, and the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program assists with a small portion of his rent.

Just as important as the services HRDC provides are the friendships he has made with staff.  There is always someone to talk with, joke with, and confide in if needed.  David means a lot to the HRDC too – the gifts under his little Christmas tree each year are from his HRDC “family”. One of his very first housing case managers has a photo of a smiling David in his beat-up cowboy hat at her desk.  David has not only become a dear friend; his photo also represents why she loves working at the HRDC.

On a trip back from a recent doctor’s appointment, David told his driver “Life may be hard sometimes, but it would be a lot harder if I didn’t have the HRDC.”