HRDC’s Role in the War on Poverty

On January 8th,1964 Lyndon Johnson said “We hear and now declare unconditional War On Poverty.” His action caused many to begin to ask questions about the causes of poverty and how to begin to stop the cycle of poverty he described. 

In the months and years that followed many turned away when the answers proved too difficult. But the questions could not be “unasked”. 

Since 1975 HRDC in Bozeman has continued to ask… and answer the hard questions. Their efforts are winning the war on many fronts. HRDC stands for quality of life, opportunity and hope for all the residents of Bozeman. 

HRDC and it’s people have revived the excitement I felt when I first joined the War on Poverty in Texas in 1967.

Robert McMahan, Deputy Director 1967-70
Dallas County Community Action Committee