Jaik- Head Start

Jaik walked quietly into the Head Start classroom.  With his coat wrapped tightly around him he kept his eyes to the floor.  It was hard to tell if he was shy or just not yet awake.  Teachers and friends were busy saying hello and taking off their coats.  Another student, Megan, saw her friend and reached over for a hug but Jaik pulled back and quietly put his back pack in the cubby.  Story time was announced and with his coat still on Jaik made his way to the carpet.  He picked a spot a bit away from the others but smiled briefly when Miss Robyn, the lead teacher, said hello.  Peaches and cottage cheese was the morning snack.  As it was passed from friend to friend Jaik considered whether or not this was something he liked.  Others around him seemed to LOVE it so he dug in, especially enjoying the peaches.  Next there was a flurry of activity with everyone brushing their teeth, washing their hands, and getting dressed to go outside.  The door opened and everyone rushed to the playground waiting anxiously to find out what game Miss Robyn would lead.  Jaik found a spot in the back of the group.  Counting along with the “Fox” also known as Miss Robyn they marched across the snowy playground.  When they made it to the other side they chased Miss Robyn who greeted them all with hugs.  Jaik could not hold back a smile when Miss Robyn gave him his hug and he laughed with the others as they chased the “Fox”.  Once back inside Jaik seemed more at home, taking off his coat and finding a place on the rug for the large group activity.  Recycling was today’s lesson and everyone got to pick something from Miss Robyn’s box.   Was this item trash or treasure?  You could see Jaik’s mind working as he and the others discussed what treasure they selected.  With letters and pictures they documented their treasures on paper.  After sharing their work with their friends it was time for “free” time which meant exploring the many different learning stations around the classroom.  Violet sung the ABC’s to the pet hermit crab and just as Mr. Lane predicted he peaked out from under his shell.  Aric couldn’t get enough of the sensory table and built mountains and volcanoes with the piles of shredded paper. Pheobe and Aubrey worked on puzzles while others read books, built towers, practiced letters, or looked through microscopes.  Jaik found his spot with a couple friends at the play dough station and together they created miniature snow men and puppies.  Soon the lights dimmed and the music softened – YOGA – was announced and the room became quiet and calm as the kids practiced their poses ending with a nice moment of stillness.  Jaik was enjoying every bit of it!  When lunch was announced everyone took their spot at the tables and Megan made sure Jaik sat at her table.  They passed plates of chicken salad wraps, carrots, apple slices, and a pitcher of milk.  Conversations varied from who was truly the “Boss” of Head Start to why the apples might taste like raspberries.  Clean up time was announced and EVERYONE pitched in.  Work was made fun with singing and lots of laughter.  Miss Robyn called for circle time and sitting side by side the sharing stick was passed from student to student, each pausing to state one thing special about today.  Everyone took this activity very seriously.  When Jaik held the stick he looked up at Miss Robyn and said his favorite part of today was being with his friends.  Megan again leaned in for a hug.  “She’s a hugger,” stated Miss Robyn.  Books were read as coats and pack backs were gathered and parents came for pick up.  Everyone said their good-byes, shared with mom or dad the excitement of the day, and left the center, looking forward to what tomorrow would bring!

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A day in the classroom – Head Start