Move-In Day for West Edge Phase III

On October 17th, HRDC celebrated the completion of Phase III of the West Edge Condominiums with a ribbon cutting ceremony. HRDC staff and partners were on hand to welcome the twenty four newest homeowners with lunch and a hand moving in.

Angie was one of the new homeowners who helped cut the ribbon and tell her story. Earlier this year, Angie saw a segment on the KBZK evening news about HRDC’s homeownership program, the Road to Home.  Road to Home provides homeownership education, counseling, and down-payment assistance to qualified homebuyers priced out of the market. The next morning Angie’s first call was to HRDC where she spoke at length with Roselle, a HRDC Homeownership Educator. After hearing more about the program, Angie immediately registered for the next available class.

The class taught Angie all she needed to know to become a homeowner and reaffirmed that her dream of having stable housing for her family could be a reality. The family had been renting a place and although it fit their needs, it cost over 50% of the household income and she always felt vulnerable to a rent increase that would force the family to relocate.  “Because of the cost of my rent, I always felt like my family was existing – not living,” said Angie.  “I wanted more for my children and HRDC made me believe in that dream.”

HRDC’s Road to Home helped outline a path to homeownership for Angie. Angie followed those steps, listening to the experts and doing her part along the way.  After she was approved for a mortgage the search for a home began.  Although her work and the children’s school were all located in Bozeman the only homes even close to her price range were 30 miles outside of town.  The cost to commute, stress of driving in the winter, along with a school change was too much for the family. That’s when Angie learned about the West Edge Condominiums. 

Located at the corner of Cottonwood and Fallon, the West Edge Condominiums were developed by HRDC as part of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program funded by the Montana Department of Commerce. Phase 1, consisting of 24 units, was purchased in 2009. A second phase of 36 units was developed in 2010. The third and final phase provides 24 two and three bedroom units. In addition to the Department of Commerce, HRDC’s partners included Gallatin County, the Montana Board of Housing, and numerous local lending institutions.

Excited, the family visited the work site, looked at floor plans, and knew they had found their home.  Working with local Realtor Arison Antonucci Burns and HRDC staff, Angie made an offer and watched with anticipation as the building neared completion.  “The team approach kept me moving forward and I had comfort in knowing I had people on my side, committed to making this happen. They were all great, I had a wonderful connection and now my family has a home.” Angie and her family are proud to be part of the West Edge community. Their new mortgage payment is half of their previous rent, allowing them to save money and plan for their future.