HRDC Community Needs Assessment Survey 2019

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Since 1975, HRDC has been committed to instilling hope, developing resources, designing solutions and changing lives in Southwest Montana. As a Community Action Organization, our responsibility is to identify and respond to our community’s most pressing needs. Thus, every few years, we conduct a Community Needs Assessment which informs our Strategic Plan. Some programs and services you may be aware of that stemmed from this process include our Homeownership Center, Streamline and our Livingston Warming Center.With this survey, we are launching our 2019 Community Needs Assessment. The responses gathered from the survey tool – in conjunction with an evaluation of additional local, regional and national data as well as focus groups, town hall discussions and stakeholder interviews – will inform our strategic priorities for the next three years. Your participation in our Community Needs Assessment survey is greatly appreciated and will ultimately help us empower our customers while building a better community. The survey consists of three sections of multiple-option questions and will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

Participation is voluntary. If you agree to participate, you will be asked to complete a survey regarding your view of your community’s needs, individual needs, and personal characteristics. Although the risks in this survey are low, you may feel uncomfortable with the some of the questions. You are free to not answer any questions that cause discomfort, and you can withdraw at any time by just exiting the survey. Your answers to the survey questions will be kept confidential. If you wish to be contacted to participate in focus groups or interviews, you will have the option to provide your contact information at the conclusion of the survey. This information will be kept separately from the survey responses and will not be connected your responses.

The knowledge gained from this survey will be of value to HRDC and potentially members of the communities it serves. Data collected with this survey will be used to analyze the unique needs of each community in southwest Montana and inform HRDC’s Strategic Plan 2020-2023. Completion of the survey is of no direct benefit to the participant.

If you have any questions about this survey, you may contact the HRDC Main Office in Bozeman at 587-4486, email, or visit our website at

Community Needs Assessment Town halls

  1. Belgrade
    1. Monday September 23, 2019
    2. Belgrade Community Library
    3. 6pm – 9pm
  2. Manhattan
    1. Wednesday October 9, 2019
    2. Manhattan Senior Center
    3. 6pm – 9pm
  3. Bozeman (X3)
    1. Town Hall 1
  1. Tuesday September 24, 2019
  2. Fork and Spoon Homestyle Kitchen
  • 7pm – 10pm
    1. Town Hall 2
  1. Tuesday October 1, 2019
  2. Bozeman Community Library (confirmation form required)
  • 5pm – 8pm
    1. Town Hall 3
  1. Thursday October 3, 2019
  2. Bozeman Community Library (confirmation form required)
  • 5pm – 8pm
  1. Three Forks
    1. Wednesday September 25, 2019
    2. Three Forks Community Library
    3. 5pm – 8pm
  2. Big Sky
    1. Monday October 21, 2019
    2. Big Sky Chapel
    3. 6pm – 9 pm
  3. White Sulphur Springs
    1. Monday October 7, 2019
    2. 6pm – 9pm
    3. WSS Community Center
  4. Gardiner
    1. Tuesday October 22, 2019
    2. Gardiner Community Center
    3. 6pm – 9pm
  5. Livingston
    1. Town Hall 1
  1. Wednesday October 2, 2019
  2. City County Complex
  • 6pm – 9pm
    1. Town Hall 2
  1. Monday September 30, 2019
  2. City County Complex
  • 6pm – 9pm
  1. West Yellowstone
    1.  Wednesday October 16, 2019
    2. Povah Community Center
    3. 6pm – 9pm