Paul Forsythe

Born on July 16, 1926 in Atlantic City, New Jersey Paul joined the United States Navy in 1942 just shy of his sixteenth birthday. With a brother already serving in the Navy and his parent’s permission, Paul soon found himself on an aircraft carrier fighting in World War II. Paul remained in the Navy until the war ended in 1945. Returning home to Boston, he got his high school diploma and worked many jobs including selling peanuts at Fenway Park for his beloved Red Socks and serving in the Massachusetts National Guard.

Times were tough and jobs were scarce so in 1950 Paul enlisted in the Airforce where he remained until 1970. While in the Airforce Paul served as a Flight Engineer and a Supply Sergeant and fought in both the Korean and Vietnam wars. In a foxhole outside a supply tent in Korea, Paul was shot in the head by a sniper. Following three months in a hospital he returned stateside with a Purple Heart and the remnants of the bullet in his head. Paul would again be sent overseas for the Vietnam War.

Paul traveled all over the world and met many different people while serving his country. Montana is where he decided to settle and lived in Bozeman starting in 1971. Paul worked at Bozeman Deaconess for many years before retiring on a modest pension.

At 83, Paul was not in the best of health. His apartment and his collected treasures mean everything to him. To keep Paul safely in affordable housing Paul turned to the HRDC for help about 15 years ago. Paul received help from the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program for the cost of his rent; the Homemaker Program sent someone to his apartment to help with shopping, cleaning, and to check on him; and the Gallatin Valley Food Bank regularly delivered supplemental groceries to his door. Paul has served his country and the HRDC is proud to be able to serve Paul. He was a friend to many!