Real Estate Partnerships

I began teaching classes for the HRDC Road to Home program in 2007. Being a real estate agent, I knew there was a great need to educate both current and future buyers about the home buying process. HRDC’s Road to Home program I feel is an integral part of getting to know the ins and outs of home ownership. I have had the opportunity to meet with families who never thought they would ever be able to afford a home and I have personally been able to help them achieve their dreams of home ownership.What I like about HRDC is that they give a hand up and NOT a hand out. I like the accountability aspect of the HRDC programs. The staff help people to plan and budget their finances which in turn help them to prepare TO BE SUCCESSFUL home owners. In order to succeed, the clients need to take steps toward self sufficiency and the classes, pre-assessments and credit counseling prior to home ownership assist with achieving successful homeownership!

The last 7 years I’ve personally seen 50+ people achieve home ownership that never thought they could with the programs and financial backing of HRDC. This is particularly important in a community like Bozeman where the cost of living is so high and the goal of being a home owner is bleak for many people. I’ve donated my time to a variety of programs and I’ve always been impressed with how committed and compassionate the staff are to this community, which reinforces my enthusiasm and commitment to work with HRDC. The staff have passion for what they do and are constantly looking for ways to improve existing and future programs. They are very forward thinkers!

I KNOW the monetary donations I’ve made over the years have gone to a wonderful cause and I cannot think of a better organization to donate too. I can personally see the results of my time and energy within the community and the families who have benefited from the programs at HRDC and their support staff.

Arison Antonucci-Burns
Keller Williams Montana Realty, Real Estate Broker & Property Manager