Season of Giving

During the holiday season, HRDC’s donors find so many creative ways to support our work to build a better community.  This is true for individuals as well as business donors.

  • Parents from one local family made a substantial gift to the Warming Center in lieu of giving gifts to their seven adult-aged children this Christmas!  So instead of opening toasters and CDs  they will open a lovingly prepared card announcing a gift made in their name to help 40 homeless people stay out of the cold during this holiday season.
  • One grandmother from California sends a check every year with her Christmas card to the HRDC in loving memory of her grandson.  She always asks us to apply her gift where the need is greatest.
  • MercuryCSC Advertising had a bike-a-thon during the Christmas Stroll.  They raised over $3,000 for the HRDC in one evening!
  • Gifts of merchandise or services are pretty handy, as well!  This week we received a washer and dryer for the Warming Center and a recliner for the family room in the Amos House, one of our transitional homes. And a local laundromat covers the costs of laundering the bedding for the Warming Center for the whole winter season!

Is this community generous – you bet!!! Long story short – We are grateful for contributions of all kinds. To make one today, click here or contact us at if you need information about what we can utilize.


Ho ho ho, Happy Holidays to all!