Senator Dorothy Eck receives Commitment to Community Award

Senator Eck Honored

Bozeman, October 26, 2011

The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) District 9 in Bozeman, announced today that it will  honor Senator Dorothy Eck on Wednesday, October 26th at the HRDC’s 4th annual Commitment to Community luncheon in Bozeman.  The luncheon will be held at the Emercon Cultural Center.

“Dorothy is a role model for all of us who care about community” said Jeff Rupp, CEO and President of the HRDC.  “She has dedicated her life to service and worked tirelessly to make the community strong and responsive to public and private needs.”  Eck served as a state senator from Bozeman for twenty years.  She admits to having had her “fingers in an awful lot of events and programs” during that time.  At 87, Eck is proud that she helped make a difference.

Senator Eck is well known for her optimism and leadership.  She has taken on many causes, including mental health, economic and legal reform, and open government. “She has inspired me through the years and has challenged me to make hard decisions in support of this community,” said Rupp.

“In so many ways, Dorothy embodies what the HRDC stands for — helping people of all ages and situations confront and overcome economic and social obstacles so that they can improve their lives.”