Emergency Shelter Livingston

Community Resource Collaborative (CRC), a local group of service providers, has been exploring feasibility of a temporary emergency shelter model to address the gap of emergency shelter in the Park County Housing Continuum.

Through this work and numerous  meetings with community members, including those held as part of HRDC’s Community Needs Assessment, a consensus has emerged that there is a need for an emergency shelter to serve the Livingston community.  After much discussion, the CRC partners have asked HRDC to lead this effort, with support form the community.

HRDC’s Bozeman shelter is currently serving approximately 4 guests nightly from Park County and we can isolate others that we know would utilize a facility, if available, tonight.

HRDC is prepared to support the community to create a pilot emergency shelter to size the need and contribute to a long-term planning effort to address homelessness.  We will open in January, 2019 and stay open through March 2019.  The initial pilot will be used to inform a broader community discussion regarding homelessness.

Marissa Hackett, Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 406-333-2537
Email: livingstonoffice@thehrdc.org