We believe everybody should be warm at night

Heating costs for older homes, mobile homes, and energy-inefficient apartment rentals can cause a household to face significant energy cost increases during the winter months in Montana. Emergency assistance can be in the form of service shut-off prevention and hot water heater or furnace replacement and is provided to more than 1,000 households annually. Heat bill supplements are provided to more than 2,000 households annually to assist households through the winter months. This financial assistance is paid directly to the heat vendor. Energy saving measures are conducted for homes of eligible households and create more efficient homes by installing effective insulation and weather-stripping, and testing and tuning combustion appliances for safety and efficiency. We strive to educate homeowners or renters on energy conservation, home health, and safety. Benefits are provided based on the projected Savings to Investment Ratio for the energy retrofit, which must pay for itself within the lifetime of the energy saving measure. This helps more than 300 households annually to reduce their overall heating costs in perpetuity.

Emergency Energy

Helps households with energy related emergencies. READ MORE >

Heat Bill Assistance

Helps eligible renters and homeowners during the winter months (October – April) by paying a portion of their winter heating cost. READ MORE >

Home Weatherization

Reduces a household’s heating costs by installing energy saving measures on an eligible renter’s or owner’s home. READ MORE >