Home Weatherization

We believe everyone should be warm at night

The Weatherization Assistance Program reduces a household’s heating costs by installing energy saving measures on an eligible renter’s or owner’s home.  Persons qualifying for LIEAP may also be eligible for home weatherization.  A certified energy auditor performs a comprehensive energy audit that identifies energy related health and safety issues and areas where the home is losing heat.  The home energy auditor also tests indoor air quality as sealing every air leak can make a home too tight and create dangerous health and safety issues.  Energy saving retrofits are installed on the homes of eligible customers at no cost to the homeowner, landlord, or renter.  What weatherization measures are performed is determined by a savings to investment ratio requiring the energy measures pay for themselves through heat bill savings within the lifetime of the measure.  Typical weatherization may include air sealing, attic, floor, and wall insulation, weather-stripping, minor energy related repairs, and heating system testing and repair.