Gallatin Valley Food Bank

We believe no one should go to bed hungry

Food Banks were originally intended to fill the gap when households were out of food and resources due to an emergency. Emergency situations (major disasters) are now less than half of our client load. We also serve working poor households whose income does not stretch to cover food expenses, seasonally employed households, older adults living on fixed incomes, as well as households who are temporarily homeless. Levels of long-term unemployment and more frequently underemployment continue to force people with jobs to seek emergency food assistance. More often than not, at least one person in every household we serve has someone currently employed.

If you are out of food and resources due to an emergency, we offer a five to seven day supply of food. The box size depends on the number of people in the household. Perishable food items are available on an “as-received” basis through our food rescue program.

1 in 8 Gallatin County residents were nourished through at least one of HRDC’s Emergency Food and Nutrition programs.

Gallatin Valley Food Bank office and receiving hours:
Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm

Emergency Food Assistance hours:
Monday – Friday from 1pm – 4pm*
*Drive-thru only due to COVID -19

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