Bozeman Affordable Homeownership Waitlist

Bozeman Affordable Homeownership Waitlist

Based on the most recent housing needs assessment, there is a severe shortage of affordably priced for-sale housing in Bozeman. The median price of for-sale homes, including single-family homes, townhomes, and condominiums, increased by 75% since 2012. Bozeman, in the next five years (2020-2025) needs an increase in owner-occupied homes with price ranges between $160,00-$350,000 in order to be affordable to local households with annual incomes between $40,000 to $95,000 (between 80%-150% of local area median income). The Affordable Housing Ordinance aims to address this need in the community by requiring certain future, for-sale, developments to include housing affordable to this demographic through the Affordable Housing Ordinance (AHO). For additional details please consult the City of Bozeman Affordable Housing Ordinance, “Ordinance 1922”. This waitlist will serve as a qualified pool of potential buyers of the homes produced through Ordinance 1922.

2019 Area Median Incomes can be found here.

To become eligible for the City of Bozeman affordable homeownership waitlist an applicant must

1. Register for and complete HUD-certified homebuyer education course, valid for 3 years
2. Meet with HUD-certified housing counselor
3. Meet or exceed $150k affordability to be determined by HUD-certified housing counselor
4. Respond to the confirmation email to maintain active status as needed

Buyers of Affordable Homes through the City of Bozeman’s Affordable Housing Program are required to meet certain requirements for the purchase of a home. Being eligible for the waitlist does not automatically make an individual eligible for all or any homes sold through the affordable housing program. Once active on the waitlist applicants will be notified of upcoming opportunities through email notification.

Additional details can be found in the 2019 City of Bozeman Affordable Homeownership (PDF)

If you believe that you fit the criteria of the waitlist and would like to check your status, please email