Economic Development


We believe financially secure individuals build a strong and vibrant community.

HRDC has several Economic Wellness and Vitality initiatives designed to support individuals of all ages in the journey to becoming financially secure.


Out FREE VITA tax program helps low to moderate income families navigate the complicated tax process and last year returned over $1,000,000 back into the pockets of individuals living in South-West Montana: Gallatin Meagher and Park counties.


Our WIOA Youth Program supports youth to have employment experiences and opportunities they may not typically have access to and begin a career track.


Our Bridges Program supports individuals with practical education and training, career coaching, financial literacy, job placement, retention and advancement in high-demand industries.

Participants have the opportunity to visit work-sites, develop relationships with key industry professionals, undertake work experience and skill up with training.

They work one on one with Alex, our career coach, to match their interests and talents to an industry with high growth in the community. They can also spend time with Marc, our Financial Coach, so they can start to plan the future they want and have their increased earnings translate to home ownership, debt reduction, holiday savings, retirement planning or college tuition.

Participation is tailored to the needs of the individual, giving them access to one or all of the services offered.

Meet Alex: a calm Bozeman local who is passionate about building capacity in people and building community awareness around opportunities.  |  406 585 4873

Meet Marc: a funny, laid-back financial coach who has recently returned to the Gallatin Valley from Virginia, and brings with him a wealth of experience working with people with all sorts of stories and situations.  |  406 585 4853

HRDC also offers quarterly FREE financial literacy workshops in Bozeman and Livingston.  They are open to anyone in the community keen to manage the rising cost of living.


Bozeman: Fish, Wildlife and Parks, 1400 S 19th

  • Nov 14th @ 5.45pm: Spending Money
  • Jan 16th @ 5.15pm: Goals, Assets and Liabilities
  • April 16th @ 5.15pm: Saving and Investing
  • July 16th @ 5.15pm: Credit is a tool
Livingston: Food Resource Center, 202 S 2nd St
  • Nov 12th @ 5.15pm: Spending Money
  • Jan 14th @ 5.15pm: Goals, Assets and Liabilities
  • April 14th @ 5.15pm: Saving and Investing
  • July 14th @ 5.15pm: Credit is a tool
Light refreshments served.

For more information, or to participate, get in touch via the details above or email