Independent Living

We believe our grandparents and your grandparents should be able to remain at home as long as safely possible.

The Homemaker program serves low income seniors (60+) in maintaining their dignity and independence.  Services include monthly skilled nursing care (Gallatin County only) and weekly homemaker visits. Skilled Nursing Care is care given by a Registered Nurse.  The nurse provides direct care; manages, observes, and evaluates a patient’s care; examples include: managing medication; changing dressings; and teaching about diabetes care. Homemakers provide weekly assistance with basic household assistance and activities of daily living such as personal hygiene, essential shopping, laundry, light meal preparation and light housekeeping.   There is no cost to the qualifying senior for our homemaker services.

The Homemaker Program develops and delivers services based on an individual’s needs as well as considering the nature of their support system of family and friends.

Poverty is a common thread among seniors across the country and southwest Montana is no exception.  According to the Elder Index which is a measure of income that older adults need to meet basic needs and age in place, in Gallatin County, a senior’s income needs to be $1816/month.  However, 12.6% of seniors (60 and older) in southwest Montana live at 150% below the Federal Poverty Level.  They live on less than $1485/month.  With the limited income all of our clients exist on they have to make difficult choices among basic needs such as nutritious foods, prescription medications or adequate heating or cooling.

Below is a cost comparison of Homemaker Services, Montana Nursing Home and Home Health Care.

HRDC Homemaker Program Nursing Home –

semi private room

In Home Health Care or Private Homemaker Services
$135/month $6387/month $4385/month
$1617/year $76,650/year $52,624/year

According to MSU Extension, nursing home care is the single largest out-of-pocket health care expense for seniors.  Seniors and their families pay about 32% of the total costs, Medicaid pays about 61% and Medicare pays about 7%.  However, when there is no family or income to cover the costs, the burden falls to the taxpayer.


“I am so grateful for HRDC Homemaker Services.  Health-wise I am unable to do all my chores needed to keep my home safe and healthy.  The homemakers are honest, prompt, thoughtful, respectful, and keep my home environment clean so my bacterial concerns are almost non-existent.  If I did not have Homemaker services I could no longer live in my own place.”