We believe in the power of purpose.

 None of us can do everything, but each of us can do something.  At RSVP we offer a variety of volunteer opportunities with dozens of local organizations.  Volunteers choose how much time and where you want to volunteer.  Volunteering helps others but just as important it also helps you.

In the words of RSVP volunteers…

“Makes a person feel they are doing something worthwhile for others.  We all need to be needed.  I have enjoyed meeting so many people I wouldn’t otherwise.  It’s a great organization and important to so many senior that are alone.  Thank you!”

 “Now that I am retired, volunteering keeps me so busy that I wonder how I ever had time to work.  I feel that volunteering makes the world a better place AND the world needs it!”

 “Volunteering has given me a life and a happy one!”

Each month, we celebrate the birthdays of RSVP volunteers.  We would like to thank Delicious Bakery for donating lovely confections for these events.

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