Press Release – YES for Streamline Campaign Celebrates Creation of Gallatin Valley Urban Transportation District

Photo of the Streamline bus. Text reads, Winner FTA Connecting Rural Communities Award.


May 2, 2023

Victory Statement
Gallatin Valley Urban Transportation District


Heather Grenier, HRDC CEO/President:

Penny Johnson, HRDC Communications Manager:

BOZEMAN – Community advocates for the creation of the Gallatin Valley Urban Transportation District (GVUTD) celebrated voters’ approval of the measure Tuesday night, saying that the newly established district will enable the Streamline bus and Galavan paratransit services to continue to meet the transportation needs of our community. The GVUTD will include all of Belgrade and Bozeman and areas in between.Map of Bozeman and Belgrade and the proposed Urban Transportation District.

“This is a great affirmation of support from voters that demonstrates the importance of these services to our community as it continues to grow,” HRDC President/CEO Heather Grenier said.

“Creating the UTD was needed to ensure that Streamline and Galavan continue to receive the federal transit funds that make up the largest portion of their budgets,” Grenier said.

While the Gallatin Valley was formerly viewed as a “rural” area in the eyes of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), it is now considered a “small urban” area. This means FTA funds can no longer go directly to HRDC (a private non-profit) to operate Streamline, and instead must be administered by a local government or by a transportation district.

“The GVUTD is the future home of Streamline and Galavan,” Grenier said. “The District will have its own board, comprised of community members and representatives appointed by elected officials from the City of Belgrade, City of Bozeman, and Gallatin County.”

“Having a structure, and a board, that is focused only on public transportation in our Valley will keep these services strong and ensure that they continue to keep up with the growing need for zero-fare, accessible transportation in the Gallatin Valley,” Grenier said.

YES for Streamline Treasurer Mitch Bradley was grateful for voters’ support of the measure.

“We’re so thankful to the community for supporting this measure,” he said. “People in Belgrade, Bozeman and the surrounding area really respect Streamline and Galavan. It’s clear that they understand that these services benefit us all: They help get students, seniors, people with injuries and disabilities, including many veterans, where they need to go, along with community members who can’t or choose not to drive.”

Photo of a man pushing a woman in a wheelchair on the Streamline bus. “These services connect people to school, shopping, doctor’s appointments and visits with friends and family,” Bradley added. “I know, as a former business owner, that our local workforce and business owners depend on them.”

“Streamline also helps reduce traffic congestion, demand for parking and helps keep our air clean by reducing the number of cars on the road,” he said.

The GVUTD was on the ballot thanks to an incredibly successful signature-gathering effort last year. Advocates submitted 16,166 valid signatures to surpass the required goal of 12,935 by 3,231 (25% more than needed.)

There is no cost to Gallatin County Voters for the creation of the GVUTD.

The Streamline bus service operates from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends, and includes four Bozeman routes along with weekday commuter service to Belgrade.

Galavan provides transportation to seniors and people with disabilities or injuries, including many veterans, on a flexible basis in Bozeman, Belgrade, Manhattan and Three Forks.

The transition of governing responsibility from the HRDC Board of Directors to the GVUTD Board of Directors is expected to take two years. In the meantime, riders can expect both Streamline and Galavan service to operate as normal.

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Brooke Poole

Public Sector

Since 2015, Brooke has been working with Allergan Aesthetics, Body Contouring. In 2018, Brooke began her role as Senior Manager of Training. Brooke graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Commercial Photography from Appalachian State University in 2011.

Brooke began her role on our Board in 2019. However, she feels it’s more fitting to say that she gets to serve on our Board. For Brooke, an evening at our Fork & Spoon was her first glance into our organization’s powerful work. As Brooke states, joining the Board has only expanded her appreciation for the caliber of people leading our mission and the impact of our vast ecosystem of services. While metrics alone are impressive, Brooke likes to visualize each number as an individual example of support – an extension of a helping hand, a moment of relief – given to one of our neighbors. She is grateful for the opportunity to participate in shaping HRDC’s future.

Although Brooke spends most of her volunteer time with HRDC, she was fortunate enough to build with Habitat for Humanity over the course of the summer in 2020. Her favorite place to spend time is anywhere under the Big Sky, although Hyalite may be her favorite place on Earth.

Ron Brey

Public Sector

Ron served as Bozeman’s Assistant City Manager from 1990 to 2008. After retiring, Ron joined our Board in 2011. Ron received his Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Montana in 1977, and his Masters in Science in Rural, Town, and Regional Planning from the University of Montana in 1987.

During his time with the City of Bozeman, Ron saw the important role that HRDC has played in our community. Ron has seen that HRDC provides necessary social services to assure that all Bozeman residents could obtain housing, food, training, employment and the other necessities of life. He also came to understand that HRDC was always able to respond immediately as new community needs arose. Ron believes that the dedication, hard work, and compassion of HRDC’s staff make it a real honor to serve on the Board.

Ron also serves on the Trails, Open Space and Parks Committee for the City of Bozeman, and as a volunteer with the Red Cross. One of Ron’s favorite activities is walking his beloved dog every day, enjoying many of Bozeman’s trails and parks, like Burke Park, Bozeman Creek, and the Hyalite and Mount Ellis areas. Ron and his wife Claire enjoy spending their days with family, friends, and time outdoors.