HRDC Blueprint Home

In November 2015, HRDC opened Blueprint: a home dedicated to serving youth experiencing homelessness in our community. Blueprint offers a safe and inclusive environment for our community’s youth, ages 17-20 and has served 15 emerging adults. We believe in providing a place for them to grow and thrive.

Blueprint emphasizes building upon strengths, and supports youth in the following areas: educational attainment, employment, development of positive self-image, increase in their social competencies, development of healthy boundaries, providing choices and integrating conflict resolution skills.

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Why Blueprint

Our program believes strongly that healthy adult and peer relationships are the cornerstones of healing and stability. Without healthy social relationships, vulnerable youth are often subject to a higher risk of alcoholism, drug use, STD’s, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mental illnesses, self-harm, and more.

Without healthy relationships as a protective factor, youth experiencing homelessness are often forced to engage in risky behaviors to survive. Therefore, compromising their dignity and access to a fair chance to thrive and grow in our community.

Our Approach

Create a paradigm shift in serving youth experiencing homelessness which encourages organizations, schools, and our community to focus on providing the basic supports and opportunities needed to promote holistic health. We believe supporting access to a safe living environment, education and employment are paramount for lasting success.

Five Key Elements to Service Delivery

– Access to emotional and physically safe environments
– Create consistent healthy relationships, with both peers and adults
– Opportunities to participate (decision making power and choice)
– Opportunities to contribute and know the community
– Opportunities to build skills in engaging and challenging ways


Blueprint is funded solely by private donations from our community. 

Blueprint Facts

  • 47% of youth participants have experienced the foster care system
  • 73% of youth have gained employment
  • 53% have accessed mental health services
  • 40% of youth served have been in high school
  • 40% have obtained ownership of transportation means