Preservation: Four Property Acquisition/Rehab

Acquisition/Rehab (2020-2021): In 2020, HRDC was provided the First Right of Refusal as the non-profit general partner of the Darlinton Apartments, a 100-unit HUD-subsidized development. To create the most financially feasible transaction, the Darlinton Manor was packaged in a scattered site,
4% LIHTC transaction with the Boulevards Apartments in Bozeman and the Miles and Sherwood Apartments in Livingston, totaling 240 units. The project closed in March 2021, with rehabilitation starting immediately thereafter and continuing throughout 2021.

In August 2019 HRDC, acquired the Boulevard Apartments (photo above) preserving a vital resource for our community with 41 subsidized apartments in downtown Bozeman. Many tenants of the Boulevard Apartments have been long-term renters as well as customers of HRDC including many aging residents and residents on fixed incomes that would have a considerable challenge finding similarly priced or located rentals in today’s market. This important preservation was accomplished using a blend of Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Historic Tax Credits, and permanent debt HRDC.

Total Project Cost

Project Type

Preservation and rehabilitation

Income Targets

Low Income

Our Partners

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Brooke Poole

Public Sector

Since 2015, Brooke has been working with Allergan Aesthetics, Body Contouring. In 2018, Brooke began her role as Senior Manager of Training. Brooke graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Commercial Photography from Appalachian State University in 2011.

Brooke began her role on our Board in 2019. However, she feels it’s more fitting to say that she gets to serve on our Board. For Brooke, an evening at our Fork & Spoon was her first glance into our organization’s powerful work. As Brooke states, joining the Board has only expanded her appreciation for the caliber of people leading our mission and the impact of our vast ecosystem of services. While metrics alone are impressive, Brooke likes to visualize each number as an individual example of support – an extension of a helping hand, a moment of relief – given to one of our neighbors. She is grateful for the opportunity to participate in shaping HRDC’s future.

Although Brooke spends most of her volunteer time with HRDC, she was fortunate enough to build with Habitat for Humanity over the course of the summer in 2020. Her favorite place to spend time is anywhere under the Big Sky, although Hyalite may be her favorite place on Earth.

Ron Brey

Public Sector

Ron served as Bozeman’s Assistant City Manager from 1990 to 2008. After retiring, Ron joined our Board in 2011. Ron received his Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Montana in 1977, and his Masters in Science in Rural, Town, and Regional Planning from the University of Montana in 1987.

During his time with the City of Bozeman, Ron saw the important role that HRDC has played in our community. Ron has seen that HRDC provides necessary social services to assure that all Bozeman residents could obtain housing, food, training, employment and the other necessities of life. He also came to understand that HRDC was always able to respond immediately as new community needs arose. Ron believes that the dedication, hard work, and compassion of HRDC’s staff make it a real honor to serve on the Board.

Ron also serves on the Trails, Open Space and Parks Committee for the City of Bozeman, and as a volunteer with the Red Cross. One of Ron’s favorite activities is walking his beloved dog every day, enjoying many of Bozeman’s trails and parks, like Burke Park, Bozeman Creek, and the Hyalite and Mount Ellis areas. Ron and his wife Claire enjoy spending their days with family, friends, and time outdoors.