Willow Springs Townhomes

Willow Springs Community Land Trust homes by HRDC photo by Saul Creative

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Phase 2 sales will begin in October 2020

  • Two-bedroom or three-bedroom options
  • Attached single car garage and yard space
  • Anticipated price at $217,322 and $243,227 based on the City of Bozeman Affordable Housing Ordinance
  • Household income limits and other restrictions apply

1 person= $75,950
2 persons= $86,800
3 persons= $97,650
4 persons= $108,500
5 persons = $117,150

  • Down payment assistance may be available for qualifying buyers

Through the community land trust model, this neighborhood will be 100% owner-occupied and affordable to Bozeman residents earning median wages forever. Households on the City of Bozeman affordable homeownership waitlist will have priority to purchase. Please learn more about joining the waitlist here. The first step is to take the HRDC’s HUD-certified homebuyer education course. The next classes will be 9/18/2020 or the evenings of 10/5/2020-10/6/2020. The Willow Springs waitlist will open for those on the City of Bozeman waitlist October 8-15th, 2020.

Applicants on the City of Bozeman Waitlist will receive priority to purchase. There are currently no opportunities to view the townhomes. HRDC is working with Aspire Realty to and will host an open house when the homes near completion.

If you have questions about affordable homeownership with HRDC, please email affordablehousing@thehrdc.org

How does a Community Land Trust work?